Earth Shakin' Rock n Soul

Big Planet Soul exploded onto the Charleston music scene in 1996. Bandleader Rick Veres set out to put together his idea of a dream band, what many say, is the largest collection of talent in the tri-state area.

Members were recruited from the West Virginia Symphony, the Ohio Valley Symphony, the Huntington Symphony, as well as from popular local bands such as Pegasus, Streetwise, Fat Chance, Lipzz Big Band and Rumor Hazit. These musicians were, to say the least, well seasoned and already busy pursuing their own musical endeavors when Rick convinced them to give the BPS project a single afternoon rehearsal. Well, like they say, the rest is history. The guys were hooked on the music and Big Planet Soul was born.

Big Planet Soul has gained a huge following in the Charleston Metro area and continues to expand its popularity with every performance. Wally Wilkes soulful and gutsy vocal style is augmented by a tight and talented rhythm section backed up by Michael Howard's brilliant keyboard work and the area's most righteous horn section.

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